Monday, August 16, 2010

My European Experience

In one day I was able to visit San Marino, Portugal, Monaco, Moldova, Sweden, and Norway. Where else could you do this other than the Singapore Youth Olympic Village?

The World Culture Village is in the heart of the Village Square and consists of many booths dedicated to different cultures. Right now the countries being represented are from Europe. They will change every few days so that all continents are represented.

After lunch a couple of the other ambassadors and myself decided to explore the World Culture Village to see what we could find. Well....take a journey with me through some of Europe...

First on our stops was the country of Moldova. What I learned here was that their culture is centered around very ellaborate clothing and jewelery. In honor of this we were able to make bracelets. I made one filled with many colors. Something else that is very popular in Moldova is soccer (or football for you Europeans).

Now that I was decked out and dressed up with my Moldovan bracelet I was ready to explore some more. Monaco was next on our list and we went fishing. We had little fishing poles used to fish out foam fish in a bucket. I caught a blue fish - I felt very accomplished!

Now that my fishing skills were fine tuned I was ready for some more difficult fishing in Norway. I competed against my fellow Ambassador, Fergus (Great Britain) and unfortunately fell to his 12 fish that he caught. I learned that Norway is very cold and there is a lot of snow in the country. The coldest it can get is 40 degrees Celcius! We looked at Norweigan artifacts and took a picture with the students.

It was time to make our way out of the cold and head to Portugal. Time for some arts and crafts. I made a picture of a rooster. It has a particular name, but I cannot remember exactly what it was. The girl told me a story that this rooster was in fact a magical rooster and was used when a man was about to be prosecuted. If the rooster clucked then the man would in fast be innocent and should be set free. In this particular situation the rooster did cluck and the man on trial for persecution was freed. I'm glad I have this blue rooster on my side now!

San Marino
We spent little time in San Marino, but enough time to get our picture taken on the mountains. We watched other athletes complete a stamp puzzle and made friends with the students. They printed out our picture and put it in a card for us. It was a great souvenier!

Our last stop on our European tour was one of my favorites, Sweden. Fergus and I went head to head in a game called the Kubb Game. We used empty coke bottles to knock over other bottles filled with water. After knocking over each other's rows we then went for the King bottle in the middle. It was an incredible victory for the both of us! We received a shiny pen for our efforts!

This ends our brief European tour. We continued our walk to try out some of the discovery activities as well, which was a great end to our journey.

I am ready to visitmore of Europe and even explore the next continent on the list: Africa. Check back to hear about my African Adventure!

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