Wednesday, August 18, 2010

African Adventure

As promised, I told you I would tell you about my African Adventure. I managed to visit a handful of countries, make friends, get a tattoo, try some foods, and have a ton of fun! Come along with me as we explore this great continent...

We walked into the World Culture Village and immediately saw Morocco. Of course we needed to stop by in honor of our friend Hamza. In Morocco I learned about the tea they drink, sat on cushions that they use, and got a Henna tattoo. Apparently it will last two weeks - good thing I won't be regretting the design!

After some relaxation in Morocco it was time for a little competition in Mali. Fergus and I went head to head in Mali trivia. The trivia game was a neat set up on the computer that incorporated Mali facts and a soccer game. Fergus' character was Margaret Thatcher and min Karl Marx. Unfortunately Karl was not so great in the goal and we fell to Margaret in the end :(

Soccer is definitely the sport of Africa. We made our way to Libya so Fergus could try his hand at some more football. Considering my loss in Mali I decided to sit that one out.

We ran into an old friend in Liberia - Kwan from Trinidad and Tobago! She was making a bookmark out of paper and stamps. This was a play off of the art in Liberia which traditionally uses dried fig leaves.

Guinea Bassau and South Africa
Two of the highlights during my African Adventure involved a sport I know well: rugby! We were passing the Guinea Bassau booth and the clay village that the school children made included a rugby pitch. In South Africa I took some time to toss the rugby ball around with my new friends. I couldn't have walked away without playing just once!

Equatorial Guinea
After my rugby excitement subsided I moved on to Guinea. Here I painted a flag keychain and accidentally got the colors out of order. Oops! To continue my mistake I decided to make my flag colorful. Maybe Guinea will consider the new design!

In Ethiopia I made new friends - the proof is in the friendship bracelet that they made for me. Many of the booth included friendship bracelets, which shows me how much relationships are important in African countries. Family is something so sacred, which I would like to see the rest of the world adopt.

Everyone loves games and Eritrea is no different. Fergus and I played a game involving tossing a small ball into different size holes. If we made one in then we received a prize, which was a piece of clay tile, designed with flowers and things.

Equatorial Guinea
In Equatorial Guinea we played an animal game and completed puzzles. The animals within this country include elephants, gorillas, turtles, and much more. I took time to smell the many spices of the country, which only made my mind wonder about the different foods that they eat. The spices smelled amazing, perhaps I will have to visit and taste hem first hand for sure.

If I say Egypt, what are the two things that come to your mind? For me, it would be mummies and pyramids. Sure enough, the booth consisted of just that. I made a pyramid that would then be added to the many others that had been made.

Democratic Republic of the Congo
My representation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo was much better than my first flag creation in Guinea. Not too shabby!

Some of the other countries we stopped by included the Congo, Comoros, and the Ivory Coast. What an incredible experience. The music and dancing performances that the students put on were incredibly entertaining! Although my henna tattoo will only last two weeks and my friendship bracelets may not last, the memories that I have from my African Adventure will remain with me for a lifetime!

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