Tuesday, July 27, 2010

18 Days To Go - What Do I Pack?

A little over two weeks until the first ever Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. My oh my - what an experience! I'm not sure if I am truly ready for what this will actually be like...and I am not even competing! I cannot imagine what these athletes are going through as they prepare for an experience of a lifetime.

So, what do I pack? - We're only two weeks away. Now I know what you're thinking, but I am not talking clothes and shoes. How do I prepare to embark on one of the most incredible experiences of my life?

Packing List

1. Open Mind - The first thing I need to make sure that I have is an open mind. I have never been to an Olympic Games before so this experience will for sure be a new one. Just as I was when I went to Singapore in March, I plan on being open to every person that I meet and every experience that I encounter. I am sure my senses will be stimulated to the max and I want to make sure I take it all in and never miss an opportunity to expand and grow as a person.

2. Vulnerability - Before you question this one, think about it for a second. In order to really grow as a person you need to break down your walls and let others in, even if it is someone you're just meeting for the first time. I will admit that I was a bit guarded and tentative when I went to Singapore for the first time. Perhaps I held back a bit. This time I want to make sure that I leave the United States without my own National Guard.

3. Courage - There is no point in bringing fear on my trip. What does fear do? Fear prevents you from living. Don't be afraid to meet someone new. Don't be afraid to ask a question. Don't be afraid to try a new food. Don't be afraid to say you are not ready for something. Don't be afraid to say yes when you are not ready for something. I plan on embracing a new friend every hour of every day. I plan on being a leader and jumping into new opportunities each moment that I am there.

4. Fun - Ok, so how can I bring fun to Singapore? I mean - Singapore has the fun right? Well, I plan on bringing a fun outlook and attitude. I am going to make sure that everything I embark on is in a way that is fun and positive. Working a 12+ hour day and waking up early to do it all over again? Bring it on! Trying a food that makes me make a funny face? Can't wait! Spending hours on a plane next to someone I never met before? Sounds amazing! I plan on this trip being exhausting purely because of how much fun it will be!

5. Pride - When I embark on my trip to Singapore on August 9th dressed in my Team USA gear I am representing my country. Although I may live this every day, for three weeks I will live and breathe USA pride. Throughout these games I will conduct myself in a professional and prideful manner. The United States is my home, my country. I am proud to be a representative of the United States of America.

What's in your suitcase?

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